Our Sites

You might want to disable pop-ups before previewing the sites. Each site has a exit console as well as text links that leads to the next site. This gives most of the surfers you send multiple chances to see something they like and sign up. You get paid for any of our sites your surfer signs up on within a month of the initial click through.

An awesome new Asian Amateur hardcore reality site that truly puts members "in" the scene with uniqe head mounted POV videography. All exclusive all Asian models and content, our top earner. $29.95 ($59.95 for 3 months)

Since 1997 Kiko Wu has been one of the most popular Asian Amateurs online. Wide name recognition and a huge content base have resulted in great conversion and retention. $18.63 ($59.95 for 4 months plus free DVD)

Julie Baek is the newest member of our team. Has great anal and boy-girl content but with a "reality" edge provided by the details she provides members about her life and adventures as a stripper in NYC. $19.95 ($59.95 for 4 months plus free DVD)

Nikki Park attracts a similar surfer as Asian Glamour and Import models but is hardcore so has considerably higher conversion. She has a very loyal following in the high income but usually difficult to convert Asian-American demographic. $19.95 ($59.95 for 4 months plus free DVD)

Vicki Kim is one of a very small number of Asian Swingers online. Very hardcore and explicit. Like Nikki she has a very high degree of interaction with her members which has led to excellent retention. $16.95 ($59.95 for 4 months plus free DVD)

Chinatown Girls features exclusive Asian Amateurs recruited from the large New York City immigrant community. This site is perfect for converting jaded surfers burnt out on the same old stock Japanese content. Membership to KikoWu.com comes free with membership to Chinatown-Girls.com $24.95